Nourish | Resist

Meals :
where our communities can be nourished, build bonds &  commit to organize against hate. 


Who We Are

We are a group of social justice minded, People Of Color (POC) working to plan and activate transformative actions within our communities in 2017, using food as a platform. We see food as a strategy for resistance and we seek to unapologetically use food spaces to nourish and strategically organize our community to:


Force a power paradigm shift.


Snatchback electoral power on the local and state level.


Foster personal and food security for our community.


Break down silos to create coalitions across our similarly-minded movements, people, and organizations.

Feb 14 & 23: Love Letters to Legislators
SF & Oak

This February, show your legislators what revolutionary love looks like. Join us in holding our elected officials accountable -  to take stand against hate, renounce unconstitutional, racist bans, and protect Sanctuary Cities.

Love Letters To Legislators” is an opportunity to express yourself to senators and representatives with honey or vinegar. Show love to officials who have done right by us, or share some fiery and powerful feelings with the legislators who refuse to protect the people we love. You’ll leave with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to maintain your resistance by the power of the pen.

We’ll provide V-Day inspired letter writing materials, suggested scripts, and lead a teach-in on best practices. Post-event, all letters will be speedily delivered to the Post Office by the Nourish|Resist team. Participants will enjoy a spread of artisan chocolates, locally-crafted baked goods, and tasty bites. Bubbles for drinking and treats to take home will be available for additional purchase. Bring your sweetie, pal or family - we need everyone to rise up and write!

Want to host your own “Love Letters To Legislators” event at home? Do it! Toolkits are available on the resources page.


 #lovelettrstolegislators - San Francisco

Feb 14

18 Reasons | 4-6 pm & 7-9 PM


Feb 23

sequioa diner | 4-6 PM & 7-9 PM